The aim of PMCC is to provide Japanese style property management of the best quality.

Today, real estate investment is considerably large part of the world finance, and the focus of real estate investment is shifting from capital gain to income gain.

The occupancy rate is largely affected by the evaluation of the tenants and users. Therefore, better property management is very important in all kinds of properties: residence, shopping mall, office, factory, hotel and hospital. PMCC’s purpose to provide the best environment for the residents and users.

Considering the major change in the real estate investment after 2010, there is no doubt that income gain becomes more and more important In Vietnam like any other countries in the world.

Definitely, the quality of property management also has a significant importance in order to raise the value of properties.

We believe that “Japanese Style” management and service will make great benefit and contribute to the future prosperity in Vietnam.

Thank you and hope to have your continuous help and support.